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Yey Firefox 2.0

November 2nd, 2006 · 1 Comment · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Well after much delay I finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of Firefox, 2 point oh, early Tues morning. I’m pretty pleased so far. I miss some of the features of Tab Mix Plus, but that’s about it really. Thanks to Lifehacker I was able to get it up and running all tweaked out on only 2 hours, which was good cause it was 4am when I started, haha!

Here’s what I did. First, of course, I installed FF2 (duh). Next I tweaked the about:config file. Make sure you read through all the comments as well as there are additional tips as well as corrections and additions. Next I streamlined my interface. Again, read the comments too! Reading through these two guides also led me to the following three awesome interface extensions

  • Searchbar Autosizer – keep that search bar from wasting space
  • Stop-or-Reload Button – instead of having a Stop and Reload button, the button you get depends on whether the page is loaded or in the process of loading. Genius!
  • Tiny Menu – Consolidates the menu bar into a single drop-down

Then of course I also added a few custom buttons to the toolbar to launch stuff like FireFTP and DownThemAll! without having to go into the Tools menu.

All in all I’m quite happy. Next project is seeing if I can make myself switch from Outlook to Thunderbird…


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