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April 27th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I nailed a new trick at the gym on Tues night. I’ve been contemplating this one for a year or so, and I finally decided to man up and throw it. The trick derives from a technique on trampoline known as a kaboom. Kabooming can be applied as a general technique, but it was developed originally (not by me – long ago) to create forward rotation off of your stomach. Instead of landing flat on the trampoline like a normal stomach drop, you land with your chest slightly ahead of your legs, like a very subtle worm, and then snap your feet down into the trampoline. This bounces your feet back over your head and initiates the forward rotation. I’ve gotten pretty good at kabooming off my stomach over the years, and the trick I tossed (and named) is technically called a “kaboomfus”. It’s a stomach drop (kaboom) followed by two flips and a half twist to feet (fliffus).

The Kaboomfus (via MySpace Video)

This video was of the second kaboomfus I threw that night. The first one I stuck, this one kinda threw me off the tramp a little bit

I threw a pretty sweet trick combo tonight I’ve uploaded as well, but the video is still pending approval – I’ll post a link up tomorrow.


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