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More Scheduling Goodness, Special Blocks Done

February 24th, 2008 · No Comments · Software

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Schedule Manager 2.0

I’ve improved upon the schedule manager, here’s the changes:

  • addObject now addFunction – Changed this to better clarify what this function is doing, and also because of the next item
  • Command execution – now you can call addCommand in order to schedule a one-line command to be carried out at the given time (example below)
  • Constructor/destructor – making use of onAdd and onRemove to handle some internal stuff (thanks bank!)

The coolest part is, of course, the ability to schedule commands now as well as functions. So for example if your player trips a trap that throws a flag and in 15 seconds you want that flag reset, instead of having to create a function to call to reset a single flag you can just do

Schedule.addCommand(false, 15000, "Trap.doorshut = true;");

Wheeee. Here’s the updated code.

Special Blocks Complete

All the special blocks are now working in the game. The ones I implemented today are

  • Vampire Block – lands on the stack and converts the three adjacent blocks to that player’s color
  • Swap Block – this block’s use can be two-fold. First, you can use it to steal the special block your opponent is holding. Second, whether you steal a block or not your swap block appears in his special block holder, and stays there for 30 seconds. Since the player stuck with the swap block can’t get another special block, it has a tactical use to prevent players from getting special blocks
  • Destruction Block – Lands on the stack and destroys every enemy block from the top to the bottom in a 3-column area (1 to each side of the center)
  • Mystery Block – Randomly morphs into any of the other special blocks when dropped
  • Randomizer Block – lands on the stack and changes the orientation of every block’s discharge arrows

Next on the list

My next goal is implementing chain reactions, which let you reach down into the stack of blocks to affect enemies buried beneath. I already have some cool particle effects planned out for this, should be awesome. I’ll also be adding particle effect explosions and other polish over the coming week, as well as breaking the game down into Timed and High Score game types with both Blitz and Direct game modes.

Phew, got a lot of work ahead of me…

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