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September 17th, 2007 · No Comments ·

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

AGDC coverage postponed

First off, if you were looking for AGDC coverage today (as per the schedule) then I’m afraid I have some bad news. It’s been postponed for the moment. I have no idea when it will be ready to publish so I removed it from the calendar entirely. We’re still having trouble getting images uploaded, and I seem to have somehow lost touch with our 5 volunteer reporters at the conference. Though we have some coverage from The Hattenator, and one reporter did post one (rather detailed) session write-up, it’s far from what I was hoping to present. If I can’t determine the fate of our volunteer group, I’ll compile what we have into an article like GCDC and Siggraph for posting rather than using our GDC coverage interface. Stay tuned, and please accept my apologies.

Don’t keep ideas to yourselves

So I was talking to a rather prominent game designer today via email. I won’t name names but he’s been around here before offering invaluable advice. He wanted some ideas for writing an article to publish here on GDNet. I didn’t have any offhand so I cruised over to the Article Proposals and Requests forum to see what I could dig up. Well, not much in the way of design there. Lotsa programming stuff, but even that’s was rather sparse and out-dated.

If you have an article that you would like to see published here on GDnet, then please post it in this forum. It may be a while before you see it here, but it’s only a few minutes of your time that could come in handy to someone in the future. And if it’s too late to help you it can always help other people. The more specific you are in describing your article however, the more likely it is that someone will come along and write about it. I’ll be referencing many people looking to write articles here in the future, so get to it!

New article links

Several new articles added to the Resources section:

Basic Collision Detection and Response
Grid-Based Collision Detection and Raycasting
Rules for Parallel Programming for Multicore

Thanks to Kazgoroth (now known as jbadams) for the first two and jollyjeffers for the third. If you have any links you want added to the Resources database, email or PM me.

A full event calendar

Thanks to Gamasutra and some digging of my own, our event calendar is bursting at the seams with new event listings, so check it out. If you have an event coming up, even if it’s just a small local get-together, or know of one coming up that isn’t listed, either use the email link provided at the bottom of the event page or email/PM me.

Okay I guess that’s it for now. I mainly wanted to stop by to inform everyone on the status of the AGDC coverage. Again, we hope to have something up ASAP. I’ll most likely be posting again later this week.

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