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Who Are We?

Blade Edge Software is a dedicated team of professional developers, contractors, and hobbyists who love to make games professionally and/or in their spare time.

What do we do?

Blade Edge is primarily focused on 2D strategy/action/puzzle games utilizing GarageGames’ Torque Game Builder technology.

How long have we been around?

Blade Edge Software was founded back in 2001. Originally developing games using a home-brewed SDL-based engine called Katana, Blade Edge struggled through three years of development until suspending operations due to limitations with the Katana engine. A year later GarageGames debuted the Torque 2D engine, now fully released this year as Torque Game Builder. Recognizing the stability and cross-platform benefits of TGB, Blade Edge has been working with TGB since its inception back in 2005. Now that TGB is fully released, Blade Edge is striving forward to complete its two current projects and gearing up for future projects.


Blitz Blox

A furious block-dropping game that pits you against your opponent on the same playing field. Defend your blocks, attack your enemy’s blocks. Make use of special blocks to turn the tables. Play against calculating AI or against another player

Galaxy Conquest

Take over the galaxy, fighting for space against as many as 4 players, human and computer. Place your planets to take over your opponent’s systems to win in one of 4 main modes of gameplay. Watch out also for hidden special systems, which can both hinder and facilitate your path to utter conquest


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