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About Drew Sikora – Video Production

Amatuer/Indie film production has been a minor passion of Drew’s since he was only 12-13 years old and making stop-motion LEGO movies with his dad’s JVC camera that had to be timed properly to avoid having the video tape back up slightly when recording was paused, among other technical issues with a camera that was not designed in the slightest to be used that way (yes, he is utterly envious of kids today that get to use LEGOs own stop-motion setup. Brats.). He eventually graduated to very small and short live-action movies with his sisters and friends.

He didn’t follow this hobby much as he poured more effort into computer game development, but with the ever-increasing set of affordable tools and software he’s been spending the last 2-3 years becoming more involved with producing and editing films and short videos. Borrowing a copy of Sony Vegas from a friend also let him discover even more how enjoyable it is to create videos.

In 2006 he undertook his largest project to date, which was filming the live-action stunt show “Torch!” and editing it into a complete video of the show in similar style to the “Cirque du Soleil” tapings that are commonly aired on Bravo. Sub-par camera equipment and no oppurtunity for prior rehearsal were only two of many complications that he ran into during the process, including a very short window in which to capture all the required footage. A full accounting of this production can be found here.

Under the guide of Blade Edge Productions, Drew continues to work with friends and family to create small videos and short films.

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