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The Bane Of My Existence Has Finally Arrived

January 28th, 2007 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

First major snowfall of the season. I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen at all this year, but it finally did. I suppose I can at least be thankful that it took so long. But still.

Yea I hate snow. Well, I didn’t always. Back when I was a kid it was awesome. I did my snowdance like everyone else (okay, maybe not everyone), turned my jammies and my undies inside out and prayed like a mofo for snow. I still liked snow when I got my first car, an ’82 Maxima. I was so happy driving it didn’t matter whether it was snowing or not. Even when I got my ’97 Cavvy coupe shortly thereafter the snow was still cool, cause I could kick out my rear end without losing control – yey front-wheel drive. Then I got my ’03 Tiburon GT V6 5-speed manual.

With no traction control.

Yea my mood towards snow changed real fast. Now I have a rear-wheel drive, 287hp 6-speed ’03 350Z.

With no traction control.

And summer tires.

Snow can go screw itself.

But anyways. I was driving home from the movies with my buddy Sash in my mom’s van. We saw Pan’s Labyrinth – it was a really cool movie. So I’m driving, it’s like 1am and the snow’s comin down but the road’s not too bad. 25 minutes later we’re on Route 18 and Sash is like – “the road’s a sidewalk”. And I’m like, yea it is. Then it turned into a tire track – and then it was gone. Heck I drove down an offramp following tire tracks thinking I was still on the highway!! So yea it was pretty much a 30mph drive the rest of the way home. Took us an hour and 15 minutes for what should have been no longer than a 45min drive. It was a fun adventure tho – we saw one car had slid off the road and we saw tracks swerve off and back on a few times. The van got stuck in this one deep rut of tire tracks that I couldn’t get out of and had to kinda ride off the road a bit in them. That was interesting. Then it took me two tries to get the van up my damn driveway when I finally made it home.

So yea. Snow sucks. I want spring now

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