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December 13th, 2006 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

sweet, so I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night. Or, this morning if you want to be technical. I think I’m starting to feel tired… I dunno…

I’m rather disappointed at the utter lack of suggestions for Directional game play mode’s new name (see previous entry). Come on you guys can’t all be as brain dead as me!

Gave another 1hr lecture over at GI, had at least 12 people show up, which is pretty substantial. Everyone loved it too. If anyone reading this has something they’d like to speak about, I have 30, 60 and 90 minute time slots to fill. Just comment, PM or email me for details! Yes, you do get paid!

I also downloaded and installed C# Express so I could finally get GSE up and running. So that’s all set up, now I just have to get TorqueX/TGBX installed, but the setup files are already on my comp, I just need time to do it, haha. I should mention that I won’t be actively playing with TGBX/XNA until I actually have Blitz Blox complete on the PC, but I’ll prob do some random stuff with it between now and then.

a few hours ago I posted up Rob’s latest FBO article, go get it from the main page. It took me almost two hours so enjoy it or else 😛 Really it was mainly the fact that I’ve never posted a series before – there were some little things about formatting articles and directories I had to figure out for myself.

Spent the rest of the nite doing a bit more work on the Torch! video, my fellow pyromaniac Greg wanted a version with the Six Flags title removed and with his contact info at the end he could show to people. He said something about a lengthy cross-country tour with some BMX or motocross group. Not holding my breath but that would probably be cool as hell. I’m sitting here on the lappie waiting for the desktop to finish rendering – wow it’s only been 43 minutes and the video’s already 87% done with a approx time remaining of just 6 minutes. Holy crap. It took my laptop over 3 hours to render this bitch (15 minutes long). And Vegas 6 isn’t even fully optimized for dual-core like Vegas 7 is. Whoo I need to get my mitts on Vegas 7 for sure!

Right I suppose that’s it for now…

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