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Design Doc Finalized, XNA and other stuff

December 12th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Personal, Software

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Okay so if you all were wondering exactly what the hell this game is, you can now wonder no more, for I have completed revamping the design document. You can get it here

Blitz Blox design doc v3 (PDF)

There’s one thing that I ask: I need a better name for the second game mode. “Directional Mode” is just so… lame. Haha but it was all I could think of at 4am in the morning. Blitz mode is so named because you’re dropping blocks fast, trying to beat out the other player. The Directional mode is more like a version of Tetris – it would be cool to have the name play off Tetris somehow. I know it’s there but like I said… 5am (4am? oh crap it’s now 6am! Ahhhh!)

I’m going to have to do some photchopping on the menus now that I’ve created two different game modes (where the was once just one), which sucks because I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull the original artist back into the project, tho hopefully if it reaches a state much closer to completion he’ll be more compelled.

So yea, earlier today I installed Cpp Express, downloaded the XNA GSE and when I went to install, it told me it couldn’t find C# Express, and therefore would not install. So I’m like, WTF?? Stupid machine!! I installed Cpp Express already, how come you’re not working!?

Yes. It seems my brain was, sadly, already starting to rot at 10pm. In fact, the revelation of what was wrong just struck me. You think that’s a bad sign?

Annnyyyways I’m out at Denny’s with the crew and three of our friends have been, for like the past month, reading this book written by this guy who claims to be the best pick-up artist… evar. So they’ve been schooling themselves, going out to clubs to try out their skillz… so we’re all sitting at Denny’s and this hot girl walks in with her not-so-hot friend and we all (the guys who haven’t had any reason to read this book) are like “yo, go pick up that chick!” (meaning the hot one, of course) and not a single one of them budged. Meanwhile Jamal is sitting across the table and he’s already drawing a freakin picture of the girl on a napkin! He stands up and shouts across the resteraunt like “Hey! Hey, excuse me. I know you don’t know me or anything but, could you… could you like, turn your head sideways like this? Yea! Like that! that’s perfect!” and he sits back down to draw and we all turn to the three supposed throwing bastards who are still sitting there trying to decide what the hell to do and are like “you’re gonna let him do that?!?” So Jamal finishes the drawing and goes over to give it to the girl. Mean the while I take a napkin, fold it in half length-wise to make a placard, write on it “PWNED1!1one” and stick it on the table in front of the three would-be pick-up artists.

Sad. Sad I tell you

Oh yea, and I happened to hit 120mph on that wonderful back-road straightaway near my house on the way home from Denny’s. I took the lazy curve into it at like 80mph in 4th gear and then gunned her for all she was worth – knocked 120mph (I have a digital speed readout by the way, no estimating here) towards the top of 5th, and had plenty of room to brake back down to a respectable velocity. So I called Sasha with the news and in addition to the congrats (he’s hit 130mph in his NSX) we got to talking about the subject of deer. Yea. Freakin deer. Cause you see this straightaway is well fenced on all sides thanks to farms, but the driveways… Sash told me he spotted a deer standing in one of the driveways one night. So we figure, well if we hit a deer going, say, 110mph – chances are that deer is going to flip over our cars and disintegrate rather than horribly mess up our front end (to the point of it being unsteerable) and smashing through our windshield. However, even if that were true, there’s one more catch.


Holy crap I had never even thought of that. I’m sure the designers of airbags never considered someone hitting an object at 110mph and not stopping. How horrible would it be to have the deer flip over the car, and yet your freakin airbags deploy and send you into that telephone poll that, while it may have not been there before, is now directly in your path as you steer off the road.

Freakin great

Well okay, I’ll leave you all with that wonderful revelation and retire for a measly 5 hours before I have to get up and coach. Sounds good.

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