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First fight scene – angles worked out

August 13th, 2008 · No Comments · Production

Tonight Dizzle and I, with the help of our friend Dallas as a stand-in, worked through the choreography on camera as we would shoot it for the final movie. Before this, every time we did the choreography before a camera it was for posterity, now we were doing it as if we were filming for real. It sucked that my camera is an old crappy Hi8 (not even digital) without a 16×9 lens, so it was tough to frame things properly as the final film will be letterboxed. Still, we were able to at least get a general idea of how things will look from various camera angles.

It only took us about 30-40 minutes of filming to get all the shots that we wanted. As planned, we only have two cuts in the entire ~1.5 minute scene, and the rest are camera moves, where the camera pans around or follows us, sometimes both, as we go through the fight. I’m glad it’s all turning out like I imagined it – so far I haven’t hit any serious walls along the path to making this film, and I haven’t had to change too much along the way to make it work on film and be conventional. I’m not looking to do anything radical film-wise, story-wise or even fight-wise. At the same time though it won’t be boring 🙂

Anyways this is really the next to last step in filming this scene. Now we have to do a walk-through with the actual cameraman to clean up the shots and make sure everything looks well on the actual film format we’ll be shooting in. Once that’s all locked in we can go through and do several takes at full speed and wham bam thank you ma’am we’ll have our first scene in the can. After I edit it together maybe I’ll post it up as a “sneak peek” for the rest of the film, because although it’s technically the fourth scene in the movie, it’s when the action really kicks off.

We’ll see. Hopefully this scene will be wrapped by the end of the week.

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