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The delay! Oh teh pain!

November 20th, 2006 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

I dragged myself outta bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30 so I could get to the bank by 9am and get the loan process started. Well I made it, but it seems my loan officer decided to become ill or something and not show for work. Did I give him permission to become ill? No. Bastard.

So oh well, that bummed me out completely the rest of the day, I’m waking up early again to try once more tomorrow.

Enjoy a non-review up on the main GDNet page. We have a few more, don’t worry

Looks like I need to reformat already. Something seems to have gotten screwed up in my Mobo’s software apps installation, among some other things I can’t use the update utility to flash my BIOS, which is bad enough. If I get down to like ~1.2GB of available system memory programs fail to load and menus/graphics fail to show like the system is drained of any and all available memory. I let memtest86 run during boot through 5 passes and not a single RAM module error turned up, so it has to be something with the mobo drivers/software – or even XP itself. Or maybe it was an app I installed or some service I disabled.

In short there are too many variables – I’m just wiping clean and installing bare-bones apps, adding new apps when I need them instead of all at once at the start, so that if something starts acting weird I can remember which app I installed last.

So yea I’ll prob take care of that tomorrow too if I’m not running around getting shit done for my car. Which I hope I will be.

Dammit 8:30 will come too soon. Must try and get some sleep…

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