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First test drive tomorrow

November 16th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I called up both owners of the 350Zs that I had found last nite and both cars are still up for sale – whoo hoo! Tomorrow I’m heading over to check out the 03, and Saturday I’m heading out to look at the 04. I definetly have my eye on the 04 but the 03 is certainly a decent fall-back car. So I’ll update tomorrow with news on the 03!

Oh and I’m prob going to go out later to visit my friend Sash who’s camping out tonight to get a PS3 tomorrow. Tho his chances are pretty slim seeing as how ppl have been camped out since freakin Monday, holy crap. So I’ll have to take pics and post em


Looks like Sash will be camped out by his lonesome at a local K-Mart that supposedly isn’t getting any PS3s. Maybe. They may get like… one. But hey, that’s honestly his best shot right now considering the fact that all the lines now have more ppl in them then the stores will have units to sell, and people in the big lines are just getting shot at, robbed, beat up, beat up some more, and kicked out. So yea, maybe he is the smart one. Or still, maybe not. I’m gonna go hang out and keep him company for a bit. We’ll find out tomorrow if he makes off with a prize.

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  • yey more pictarrrrs

    […] my best friend Sasha finally got his mitts on a PS3 on Monday. He’s been looking all over for one, and so has every parent of the kids on his pre-team (he coaches gymnastics too). […]

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