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Quick EaW Strategic Musings

October 3rd, 2006 · No Comments · Gaming

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So-so night of Empire at War. I beat my first opponent in 11 minutes, but he was ranked #13587 so it was hardly a challenge. Next I fought against Jabba-Juice, who’s ranked #214. I beat him last nite but he got me back today – just barely though. We played the Kashyykk map and as the Empire I did a good job at establishing control of the major minesites and then bashing his mines to dust. However I forgot (yet again!) to prepare my space station to ward off a bombing rush, so he seriously incapacitated it with 6-7 squads of Y-wings and some Nebulon-B frigates. I fought him off and denied him every mine on the map but he still managed to destroy my station. So that left him with a trickle income and me with no further production capabilities. If I had been able to pay more attention to building units while my station was under attack I prob could have salvaged the game, as it was he managed to upgrade his station just as I was finishing it off, giving it added defense and allowing it to wipe out the rest of my units. Note to self: don’t forget to have reinforcments ready to defend your space station!!

The next game I played was a chance at a serious rankage boost, as CosmicButtHead is ranked #8. It was the Bothawui map and I made a few serious tactical errors in the start of the game that made me quit after only 2 minutes cause I knew I was lost. However I realize my errors now. You have to go straight for the two center mines and build them to deny them to the enemy. Then you harrass the other two centeral mines guarded by turret posts to distract the enemy into defending those mines for control, costing him money he could be using to upgrade, while at the same time denying him the merchant dock in the center. Can’t wait to test out the new strategy.

Then my last game was on one of my fav maps – Tatooine. Haven’t lost on that map in a long time, especially when playing as the Empire thanks to the TIE Scout’s ability to sensor scan an area of map and let me hyperspace units in since the entire center of the map is Nebula, which you can’t hyperspace ships into. I played again against newbie tho, so it wasn’t that difficult.

So, 2-2 for the night and a slight rankage boost to #324. Not too shabby.


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