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January 3rd, 2006 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I got a letter in the mail today from the insurance company. It says it’s from the Somerset office here in Jersey and yet it’s dated Dec 15, 2005 in the letter and the post stamp is from Dec 16, 2005 in Kansas City. Okay. WTF!! It’s the third of freakin January 2006!! The letter is from my claims rep announcing herself as such three and a half weeks after the accident. Yeeesh I never knew insurance companies were so horrible, though I should have figured as much. Luckily the guy fixing my car wants to get paid as much as I want my car back – I called him today and he told me he spoke to the insurance company this morning and that they mailed out my check earlier today. Hopefully I’ll get it before Friday and hopefully the car will be done before Friday (passenger side airbag is supposed to come in tomorrow) because otherwise I’m gone on vacation and it’ll have to sit at the shop for a week. Fixed. AUUGGHHH!!!!!

In other news I called the Sonystyle store up in northern Jersey and they told me they had no service center. Bastards. So I called up Sony support again and they made me run a disk check on my hard drive. I hung up after getting a new event number to back up some stuff just in case and ran the check. Empty. No errors. This doesn’t change the fact though that I’ve gotten three blue screens and had to reset my BIOS settings numerous times afterwards in order to not get the “Operating System not found” message appearing on boot. Gawd that was stressfull. I can also hear the platters spinning and the drive head seeking, which I should not be hearing under any circumstances. Wish me luck in convincing Sony I need a new HDD.

Soooooo no new developments on the GC front unfortunately. I’ve been focusing on other things, like getting myself ready for this family vacation I’ll be going on next week. Making sure all my affairs are in order and things covered and people notified etc etc etc. What a hassle 😛 And tonight’s my night out so I won’t be getting any work done until tomorrow.

Ah wells, so it goes. At least I’ll have my laptop along with me to work a bit . I said it was a family vacation, not my vacation, haha.

Oh, and as I mentioned earlier about the IGF interviews – check out this thread if you feel you may be willing to contribute an interview or two.

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