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Back to the Track – with video!

October 18th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Personal

For the third time I paid a visit to Raceway Park, which is only about 30 minutes north of me. $24 and you get at least three timed runs down the 1/4 drag strip that they have (along with pretty much every other type of race course). The last time I was there they actually let us go 4 times, which was great, but last nite I only was able to get in three runs because since I now coach on Fridays (the first two times I went during summer) I can’t get there until 6:30 and the track opens at 5. My friend Dizzle came along with me as a spectator and was able to sit in the stands and record me on video. Up until now all I’ve had was pictures.

Now remember that although there are two cars gated at the same time, we’re not actually racing each other. It’s all about personal bests, unless you’re in a grudge match with someone or participating in the betted time trials – then they pair you up. Even still, the timer does not start until you start moving, so I’m never aiming to hit the green light and always looking to get a smooth roll-out instead.

That being said, it’s hard to not want to try to beat out the car next to you, if at all possible 😛 That Honda Civic hatchback during run #1 was no joke, all kitted out for drag racing. I think it beat me by almost a half second – I don’t know because for that run I only got my half of the timeslip. However the next two runs although I start out slower, I actually managed to catch them both at the end of the 1/4 mile and the VTECH Honda Civic from run #2 I beat by 0.861s and the Maxima in run #3 I edged out by 0.092s.

Overall it was a good night – I was able to keep my times consistent, between 14.3 and 14.5 seconds, and I very nearly bested myself with a 14.318 on my first run – my best time so far is 14.317 😛 So close!! However I did set a new top speed for myself at 99.35 on my final run. My goals are to 1) get under 14 seconds and 2) cross the 1/4 going 100mph or faster. So, closer to the second than the first but I just need to find a nice empty parking lot or something to practice my launches and get my 60′ time down. After that it’s working on my shift points to keep me in my power band. Right now I pretty much just go to redline every time 😛

It was also in the low 50’s all night, and I was hoping that that would make more if a difference by lending me some more horsepower thanks to the colder air. I think it did for some things when I did them correctly, but I still need to work on the basic techniques I mentioned above I think to get an overall effect. Also, I need to practice spinning my tires, because keeping them warm for traction at the start is important. Tho, the track stays pretty warm from people launching almost constantly, and they close it down sometimes for a few minutes to lay down more tar.

Anyways, hoping to make it back one more time before the track closes next month. Below are my time slip data for those wanting the nitty and the gritty. All you trackfolk, speak up in the comments!

Run 1

Temp: 54F
R/T: .622
60′: 2.262
330: 6.156
1/8: 9.333 @ 78.81mph
1000: 12.038
1/4: 14.318 @ 98.31mph

Run 2

Temp: 53F
R/T: .924
60′: 2.320
330: 6.217
1/8: 9.414 @ 78.46mph
1000: 12.154
1/4: 14.439 @ 98.19mph

Run 3

Temp: 51F
R/T: .691
60′: 2.246
330: 9.343
1/8: 9.343 @ 78.42mph
1000: 12.053
1/4: 14.333 @ 99.35mph

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