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Done for the Year

December 26th, 2005 · No Comments · Software

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Whoof. Now that the holiday rush is over I can finally post up this entry I’ve been meaning to get to since last week. Hope you all had a merry Christmas and hope those of you celebrating Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are having a good time of it.

So I pretty much finished up on the editor last Tuesday. Still a few niggles, but nothing that can’t wait and won’t take more than a day to clear up once I get back to it next year. The current unresolved issues are:

  • Backgrounds aren’t quite fully implemented in terms of loading a new map and having the background properly adjust for that map
  • The help text isn’t implemented yet. It’s rather unimportant though at this stage and I think I may leave it out completely as we may be redesigning the interface anyways
  • The load map list isn’t cooperating. It sticks to a certain width and I still haven’t figured out how to make it expand to fit the width of the box, and I can’t scroll it yet either.

But enough of that, you all want to see pics I know so here you go, I’m going to walk you through the game from start to finish as it is so far.

Here’s the main screen when the game loads up. We’re going to click on the Editor button which brings us to…

The the game map editor, with a default empty small map loaded

First we’re going to change the background by selecting the Backgrounds palette and choosing a new background and then clicking anywhere on the map

Next we select the Planets palette, the palette selection automatically moves up to the first brush, which is where we want it anyways. We then use the Fill Map button to fill the map with the selected brush

Now we go crazy and place some planets, using the Ctrl key we place some yellow territory in the center without any planets in it with a single click using the 4-square brush

Pressing the “x” key brings us back to the single brush which we use to place a bunch of special systems about the board

Cool! Time to save, so we click on the button and… whoops!

We rename the map “My Map!” so that we don’t save over any of the default maps, which are used to load the blank map sizes

Let’s try this again. Ah there that’s better

Now we load a large map. If we hadn’t saved My Map! already the editor would have prompted for a save before loading the new map

Here’s the load map dialog, with the map we just made listed alongside a few others. We’ll load up deuce

And there we go. Another map loaded and ready to go

Here’s a look at the Mini Conquest menu with the changes to the interface

Scrolling through the maps we find a large one, as indicated

Finally we come back to the main screen and exit the game

So that’s the editor in action folks. All the pieces are now in place to load a game map and actually start working on some gameplay. After I clear up the issues above here’s my short-term task list:

  1. Create the game screen GUI
  2. [Added 1/1/06] Implement map loading changes for game. Maps loaded in a game do not appear as they are loaded in the editor. Blank systems, for example, are not rendered
  3. Load the map chosen in the menu in the GUI
  4. Flesh out the Player class
  5. Load the game with player info (name/planet/difficulty)
  6. Create game loop and allow players to take turns placing planets
  7. Create & implement the ingame menu GUI
  8. Create & implement the ingame settings menu GUI
  9. Begin implementing Conquest gameplay

Since Conquest is the basic mode of game play that all the other modes are based off of, it makes sense to implement it first that way I can simply build off it to create the other game types/victory conditions.

So I guess that’s all folks. It’s been a great year, looking forward to 2006! My project with Game Institute is moving along and I still hope to be able to announce something soon. GDNet is getting ready for the 2006 GDC, I’ll be asking for volunteers to help interview the IGF finalists very shortly. I don’t think I’ll be posting again this week so I’ll just say it now to be safe



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