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First fight scene locked down

August 5th, 2008 · No Comments · Production, Stuntwork

Well well, another two hours of rehearsal this past Monday night and Dizzle and I are feeling very very good about the opening fight scene. I added in a brief new segment of me bolting to the door, only to find that it locked after I entered and so I have no choice but to continue to fight. The scene really flows well and we have our rythym set for all the sequences. Of course it wasn’t without sacrifice – I have a good mark on my elbow where I threw the wrong block and got nailed by the heavy kali stick, and Dizzle whacked himself with it in the head once after it bounced off one of my jacket pads when I blocked. All in a night’s work tho.

We’ll be rehearsing it at the location tonight and then filming an uncut version of the fight. if Dizzle gets his car back from the autobody shop, we’ll aslso rehearse a minor car stunt for the movie’s opening scene. Wednesday night we’ll actually film the scene as if we were shooting for real, so that my friend with the HD camera can come out and spend as little time as possible getting in the shots that we need. That will hopefully happen Thursday or Friday night, and we’ll have our first fight scene in the can.

I also sat in front of the camera for like an hour tonight and tried to do my featurette on choreograhy, but just couldn’t get my mouth to formulate anything resembling the thoughts I was thinking. I guess it would be easier having someone to actually talk to? No idea, but that’s bust for tonight anyways since I need to get in at least a few hours sleep.

Hrm, actually come to think of it I don’t think much of this post made sense to anyone but me since I’m to tired to give details. Oh well, you’ll have to wait till I get some featurettes up…

need… sleep….

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