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Crazy Gym Night

September 20th, 2005 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

I’m going to be kicking myself for a long time. I recall thinking about bringing my camera with me to the gym when I left tonight and deciding not to bother. But it turns out that tonight was one of those nights when shit goes all to hell.

For starters, a bunch of people from the Batshow and other Six Flags shows are there, so they’re going crazy. Like five of them at once all jumped on the large rope hanging from the ceiling and swung around – we were afraid it was going to break off the ceiling! Then they placed barrels standing up (like pillars) in a line along the floor from smallest to tallest and a bunch of other taller mats (like trapezoids) and proceeded to run up the barrels and the mats and jump into the foam pit. Only problem was barrels placed like that are extremely unstable, so there was many a crazy tumble as the barrels flew out from under their feet and they landed akimbo. Some made it though. It was great to watch. I didn’t try it myself – I prefer to hurt myself in other ways.

So while those guys are all flipping out and killing themselves, I’m over on the trampoline (where I usually am) tossing some mad tricks in Add A Trick. The highlight of the night was the game with the gainers. When you “gain” in a flip, you travel backwards while flipping forward or forwards while flipping backwards. So I start a game with a front flip gainer. Then two other people add normal front flips. So I come back in for my turn and add a back flip gainer. So now you’re all over the trampoline. Then my buddy Sasha adds a 1 and 3/4 flip to back out of the back flip gainer. However I call him on technicality – he really wasn’t gaining enough. I was traveling across the entire damn trampoline and he was gaining maybe a foot in either direction. Nuh-uh. So he conceded that game (tho he refused to admit complete defeat) and I actually beat him for the first time in my life.

So we take a little break and the Six Flags guys are now going crazy on the tramps. So Sash goes over and tells them about this trick you can do with two people on the tramp. You stand on opposite ends and face each other offset. You bounce at the same time and count to 3 (or whatever) and then leap forward past each other, only while you’re passing you hook arms at the elbow and do a flat 180 degree spin to your stomachs. I had never done that before but Sash had me demonstrate with him and it was AMAZING. Totally effortless – you just launch yourself forward, hook arms and you naturally spin out to your stomachs. It was great. Of course, you better trust the other guy to hook in with you cause otherwise you’d fly off the tramp and mangle yourself 😛

So that was a blast. Then we get back into some more add a trick and Sash ends up throwing a full twisting front 1 and 3 – which is 1 and 3/4 flips to your back with a full twist during the flip. I got called out to perform it so naturally I rose to the occasion. I half-mangled myself on my first attempt, but then I did a perfect one. Then I kinda messed up again and then I did two more (you always have to do 3 of a new trick, cause the first one is luck, the second is chance, and the third is skill). So I’ll definetly be tossing more of those to get comfortable with it. New trick!! Whooo!

Besides those highlights, we had the usual gamut of people missing tricks and landing all messy and that’s just great to watch and laugh at. And of course we finished off the night with a mad crazy Denny’s outing, as always.

Holy crap why’s it gotta be 5am? I have to wake up in 5 hours. But what a fun night. I’m bringing my camera with me to the gym every freaking night from now on, and I’m definetly reliving some of tonight’s moments next week so I can capture them on film. So stay tuned!!


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