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Gimme a break

June 18th, 2005 · No Comments · Production, Stuntwork

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Some punk from Six Flags snitched me out today about my Batman video I posted a few months ago. It wasn’t a bad fallout, my boss just called me and asked me to take the video down since there were some legal issues involved, mainly one scene where an actor gave his line from the Batmobile (no audio though). He said DC could technically sue me since it placed a non-Batman person in the vehicle, hence causing people to think Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne. Or something. Damn I hate this legal crap. Anyways the SF performer who ratted me out had something different to say about the video, which I responded to. I’m a bit pissed off right now, but whatever – I sent an email to my boss about editing it so that you fine folk can continue to enjoy it.

Oh yea, a fellow cast member made me a Batman Stunt Team t-shirt – here’s a pic:

How cool is that?? I wore it to my second screening of Batman Begins

Finally, I just have to comment on the fact that during the second show on Friday I finally made it over the crash rail when I laid down the bike in the dirt. It was awesome. I even knocked askew one of the speakers bolted to the crash rail. I did it twice that day and three times today (Sat). I’m going over that damn rail everytime if I can make it, it looks so cool.

Ok that’s all for now – I’m going to go simmer a bit more about the whole video thing and then head to bed. More shows tomorrow.


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