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I’m still alive… barely

March 29th, 2005 · 1 Comment · Gaming, Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Wow, what a rough two weeks! Two days after I got home from GDC I caught the nastiest stomach bug I have ever had in my life. I’ll leave out the messy details but suffice to say I was in bed for two days straight, and two before and four after that I was still a little queasy. That was rough. Then it was pretty good for a week, until today when I had all four of my wisdom teeth yanked out. Well, actually I guess I can’t complain about that… yet. I mean sure I have the ice pack wrapped around my head…

But I almost feel as if I don’t need it. Keep the swelling down? What swelling?? There’s not even any throbbing pain. Guess this pain medication and the CBD for pain are doing wonders. Of course, after saying all this I know that tomorrow I shall awake in pure agony. Figures. But hopefully not. I got put to sleep for the operation, so it went real fast – I was in the recovery room for half an hour and then my mom drove me home. Not too bad…

So what else have I been up to? Well I admit that I’m once again addicted to SimCity 4. I was never real good at it since it’s a lot more difficult (IMO) than the earlier SimCity’s, but I guess I’ve had my Eureka moment with it, cause now I have 5 cities all linked together and prosperous in the region, with more on the way. The coolest thing I managed to do was place all the power, water and garbage in one city, and then just dispersed it all to the neighboring cities via the Neighbor Deals. So my polluting power plants and garbage are all high up on a mountain in one city. It can be a bit tiring tho, since if I need more power in a city two blocks removed from the main power city, I need to go back a city and increase the amount of power that city is buying from the main city so that it can in turn supply more power to the far removed city. And then I also have to go back to the main city at times to add more power plants and water pumps, etc. But the benefits are well worth it – now all I have to worry about pollution-wise is dirty industry, and that’s harldy a big deal now that my regional population is well educated.

Ahhhh yes… I do beleive I’ll be playing SC4 for a while now 😛 I want to fill up the entire Maxisland Region. Muauhahaha

So ok – that’s about it for now I guess… gonna go back to SC4 😛 Oh yea, still working on Torque2D – waiting for them to release the new version in the next few weeks. Lovin it!!

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