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A new look for Blade Edge

June 29th, 2008 · No Comments · Blade Edge

Well, this is a start. Yes, this blog still needs to undergo massive renovation.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly planning out the new architecture of this website. See, I had a bit of luck in choosing my domain name back in 2001. Back then, all I cared about was software, so naming my company Blade Edge Software was a given. However for some reason I can no longer remember, although I think it was because it was shorter and easier to remember/type in, I only registered, not

This has since led to serve two good purposes. Firstly, I found out afterwards that the hyphen (“-“) in my domain name essentially seperates the words “blade” and “edge” for search engines, thusly I get hit on searches for both words individually. Secondly, it’s allowed me to create a sort of corporate identity as an umbrella for other endeavors besides software. So instead of just Blade Edge Software, I have a main company called Blade Edge, and subsidiaries Blade Edge Software and Blade Edge Productions.

I highly doubt there will ever be a Blade Edge Appliances but…. hey, you never know.

So seeing as I wanted to have two seperate sites on, how to join them? Originally I had thought to just have dump you at white page with the BES and BEP logos side-by-side and a nice “welcome! Choose your site!” message – but 1) it didn’t seem stylish for this day and age and 2) I don’t have a logo for BEP yet. D’oh.

So instead, since I upgraded my web server and got support for things like WordPress, I decided to make this blog home for the site. From here I can detail both Software and Production updates, and be able to leave the actual sites to just content. Thanks to tags and categories, I can link people back to the blog from BEP and BES where I’ve filtered out irrelevant posts.

After setting up WordPress to point to the main domain, I contacted Brinkster’s fabulous 24/7 live help and had my two subdomains, and, set up in all of 7 minutes. You’ll see by clicking on the two links that they’ll redirect you to seperate folders containing the actual content sites – well, not so much in the case of BEP. I’ve yet to get there. But my plan for that includes installing the latest version of Joomla, which Brinkster also supports. I’ll also be slightly re-designing the BES content site.

Well, that’s about it for now I suppose. I’ll also be using this as more of a personal blog as well, leaving my blog for official use only in regards to GDNet. So please do add my RSS feed, and let me know so I can add your blog to my blogroll. Feels good to finally have a “real” presence out in the blogosphere.

Now I think I can finally get some sleep – I was trying but when the thought struck me to set up WordPress as the main site node, I just couldn’t fall asleep without doing it. Nite!

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