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Flight Log – Mountain Hop

October 12th, 2013 · No Comments · Gaming

Time to complete the trip I began on my last flight when I was forced to divert due to weather.

The plan was simple – just depart north out of K09, tune into the Glens Falls VOR and gradually head east until I intercepted the 190 radial which would take me in for a direct approach on Runway 19 at KGFL. Thankfully unlike most simple plans that actually turn out to be not so simple, this one did indeed work out as planned. There was no wind throughout the flight so I was able to takeoff north and land south with no issue. I had to ascend and descend through a scattered cloud layer around 4300 feet but worked to keep my VFR cloud separation as best as possible. I realized today that I’ve been forgetting to activate the NAV radios and confirm the beacon signal – probably because I’ve flown the last two flights without a fully prepared flight plan in which I usually note the beacon codes and seeing them reminds me to tune in and listen. I really don’t have to since the DME indicators on my radio stack with RadioHD on my iPad show the name of the VOR I’m tuned to, but I think it’s still a good habit to stick to. My landing at KGFL was almost perfect – timed my descent well enough that I didn’t need to dive or climb excessively to establish my glide path but just as I entered the touchdown zone I flared too much and ending up floating about 100 yards or so before finally settling down. I still have to get used to knowing how high I am from the runway.

I’ve already planned out my next flight. Was considering Montreal or Toronto but couldn’t find enough decent scenery to make it worth my while – plus my vector data is only highly accurate for the US. So I’ll be heading back to Niagara and then from there on to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago before starting a long haul west into Orbx territory (Central Rocky Mountains)

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