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Range Report

October 7th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Personal

Been a while since the last time I visited the shooting range – I was digging out of my pack ammo I had bought back at the beginning of July! Weather was cool but muggy out with tropical moisture moving in from the south, the wind was barely a breeze and the sun stayed behind overcast clouds the whole time I was there. Stuck to the same format I used on my previous trip, a posted target and 10 clay pigeons at 50 yards with the .556 and 1-6x scope for the first firing session, then out to 100 yards with the 6-24x scope, then at 100 yards with the .22 and then back to 50 yards with the .22. If I ever get time to stick around for another hour I plan to go out to 200 yards with the .556 and 6-24x scope.

50 Yards .556 1-6x Scope

Put a three round group in the center of the posted target to check my scope and found it was off a bit but not enough to bother fiddling with the turrets. So I dropped down to the clays and began holing them out. I was achieving consistent hits but wasn’t able to place my shots accurately enough to knock the centers out of all the clays. The worst is when you punch a bullet through the middle but don’t take away the whole center – it’s kind of like getting a split in bowling instead of a strike. Then you have to really aim to knock out what’s left without damaging the rest. I finished up the clays before the end of the firing session and went back to put 4 more 3 round groupings into the posted target. Below the groupings are marked and then there’s the result of the clay shootings.

100 Yards .556 6-24x Scope

Next I mounted the Vortex scope and checked out my zero at 100 yards. It was dropping far and away to the right enough for me to spend some time fiddling with the turrets and putting out 4 more groupings before settling in to start picking away at the clays. I started off awesome but then deteriorated down to hitting them but not precisely. In fact there was one point where I sent about 8 rounds downrange and didn’t hit the clay at all. I have no idea what the fuck I might have been doing, but I couldn’t even see the bullet impact in the scope like it was landing short or just long O_0 anyways this led to me running out of time before I could get all 10 clays – in fact I shot the second to last one just as the range master was calling for a cease fire.

100 Yards .22 1-6x Scope

I colored in some squares on the target I could use as an aim point to make use of some clean space to put the smaller .22 holes in – also away from the black areas that hide the holes rather well. I remembered how to offset my aim for 100 yards and put a group out to check. Then I dropped down and started picking away at the clays. I’m still having a lot of trouble getting comfortable behind this rifle – the eye relief I think is the problem and I need to adjust the mounting of the scope, which will be a pain in the ass but will certainly save me from an aching back because of how I have to lie in the prone to get a proper sight picture. It was a rather disappointing run on the clays to be honest, I thought I could hole more than I did. Hopefully the scope adjustment will help. I finished the clays early again so put three more groupings into the target.

50 Yards .22 1-6x Scope

Here I didn’t even bother checking the posted target since I was using the same scope. While I still have to work on my aim at 100 yards my accuracy at 50 yards is much more improved and I almost, almost had a perfect run on all 10 clays. However if you look closely at the big version of the below image you’ll see the bottom of the ones I circled have chips in the ring. And that’s pretty much all there is to say about that…


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