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Beanbag champion of da world

June 26th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Personal

I was over at Rick’s house today to barbeque on his new deck, and we played some beanbag toss (officially know as Cornhole) in both singles and doubles. Besides winning every game I played in, there was one particularly epic game ending that must be recorded.

My teammate and I were ahead by a few points, enough that we had a chance of winning when my turn came around again. Stephanie from the opposite team tossed first and missed. I stepped up for my turn and dropped it straight into the hole. Three points! If it stood, it was enough to win the game. Pressure on, Steph tosses her second and it lands just short of the hole, but stays on the board for a point. My follow-up goes a bit long and slides off the back. Steph’s third toss is also a no-go and comes up short of the board. My third toss sails high, lands and drops straight into the hole for another 3 points. Victory sealed! The crowd goes wild! But wait… Steph still has one final beanbag. I bet she thought it was useless, but nonetheless she gave it a real try for her last toss. Amazingly, her beanbag landed atop the one already on the board and they both slid into the hole. I literally fell to my knees in amazement as this completely cancelled out the points from my two previous hole shots. Once she and her husband Mike were done with the high fives I gave her one myself, still in shock. But then I remembered I still had one more toss left. I looked at her and said “Steph, that was awesome. It almost makes me feel bad to do this.” I stepped up, tossed, and slid my final beanbag into the hole for the win.

Yes, I Babe Ruth’d that shit.

Props to my teammate Mattern, who canceled out every one of Mike’s hole shots and a couple of his board landings, keeping us alive long enough for me to seal the victory.

Epic game. Beanbag toss. Whodathunk??

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