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Desktop goes KABLOOIE!!

March 16th, 2010 · No Comments · Personal

If the title of this post looks familiar, that’s because back at the start of the month I posted about my old laptop going belly-up. Well now it seems to have happened to my desktop. No idea what could have caused it, other than perhaps a surge or something related to the outage we had over the weekend thanks to a crazy storm that ripped through the area with winds gusting up to 50mph. But the computer is attached to a battery-backup surge protector so I doubt that’s a reason.

Whatever the case, upon boot it would show the Windows load screen, and then a brief flash of blue (screen of death) would appear before the computer restarted. Windows recovery software didn’t do anything, so it’s time to wipe the drive clean and to a re-install of Windows 7. The problem is I’m already behind on work thanks to GDC last week, and now I have to spend more time not doing work by reinstalling my whole computer. Wunderful. Thank goodness for my new laptop and the backup drive of all my data.

At least there was a happy ending in regards to my laptop fiasco I linked to at the beginning of the post. I don’t really know for sure what fixed it – I just kept trying to reformat the disk and would get a little farther each time before the computer would just shut off. Eventually I gave up on the format and just went with a clean install of XP off the OEM disc and everything installed fine. So I guess through the multiple formats I wiped off whatever was ailing the computer. Whatever the case, I have my old laptop back in working order now, so that’s a good thing.

Oh hey look, Windows 7 is done installing. Guess I have work to do…

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