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GTA4 Shootout Playground

May 1st, 2008 · No Comments · Gaming

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

What’s this all about??

  • Getting all the best weapons in GTA4
  • Using them in a 6-star shootout with cops
  • Doing so in a location that will only get you killed if you kill yourself or act stupid

Step 1: Getting the Weaponry

Alright, if you have GTA4 and you want to have some fun with the weapons in the game, I have just the activity for you! This all began when my friend informed me of the cheat code where you dial GTA(428)-555-0100 into your cell phone. Upon connection you’ll get a wrong number tone but a message will appear in the upper-left of your screen telling you the cheat has been activated. This lands you with full health and body armor, a bat, Desert Eagle, Combat Shotgun, SMG, M-1, Sniper Rifle, RPG, and grenades. You can then access the menu of your phone and re-select the cheat from the Cheats menu multiple times to stockpile your ammo – tho you quickly max out at 8 RPG shells, 20 grenades and 40 sniper shots.

Anytime you are low on health or ammo, quick pull up your phone and re-activate the cheat. Note that if you’re getting shot, being hit by a round will cause you to put the phone away. So make sure you’re not getting shot at or you have good cover before trying to rearm/rejuvenate.

Step 2: Getting 6 Stars

So what do you do with all this armament? Start a huge firefight with the police – DUH! If you have not yet unlocked the Manhattan-esque island of the game (like me) then this part is very easy. Head to the underpass beneath the Brooklyn Bridge-esque bridge and you will find a stairwell leading up to the middle of the bridge – this is the one and only access point I have found that you can take a car through and is not guarded by police.

So get a vehicle and drive up the stairs and over the bridge. About halfway across the river, because the terror-alert is still in effect, you will automatically receive a 6-star wanted level. Once you pass through the second gap, slow down!! You’ll be coming to another stairwell and if you’re speeding, you’ll strike the top of the tunnel, fly through the windshield, and then as you roll down the stairs your car will catch up, run you over and kill you. It happened. It sucked. So slow down and proceed down the stairs cautiously in the car.

Step 3: Getting to the Magic Spot

Once on the street below, it’s a straight shot uptown to Middle Park (I think that’s what it’s called). Police response is still scrambling, so just head straight uptown and hang a left at the LCPD station or (looking at the map) the street parallel to the top of the park. Head into the park at the first corner entrance and proceed around the lake to the restaurant. Park your car against the first walkway around the restaurant you see – it’s the only access point and you’ll be blocking the cops from entering. Get out and walk around (you may have to climb over your car) to the lake-side, where there is a covered balcony and dock. You have reached the ultra-secure location!

Step 4: Wreak Utter Havoc

You’re now barricaded, the cops can’t run up and get you. You’re covered from aerial assault while under the balcony roof. You’re in a park, and vehicle access is minimal.

Have Fun!!!

Things to Do

Shooting down helicopters with the RPG is great, but if you do, make sure that you nail it in the main cabin. If you hit the tail or send it falling with an airburst, the two cops at the doors will bail out and still be alive thanks to the fact that 99% of the time the copters will crash into the lake. Then again, watching them fall from the sky is entertaining as well.

After you get bored with shooting down choppers via the RPG, there are two more ways to get rid of them – both using the sniper rifle. First, the choppers will hover with one door facing you so the cop can shoot you. Take him out and the chopper will rotate to bring the other door with another cop to bear. Take him out and the chopper will peel off and head back to base to resupply.

Alternatively, the chopper will always present its left side to you first, which is the same side the pilot is on. Ignore the door gunners and focus on the cockpit. You’ll have just enough of a deflection shot to hit the pilot’s head – it may take a few shots and steady thumb but you’ll get him. Keep an eye on your health tho because there’s nothing you can do in the meantime but take hits from the door gunners while you try to take out the pilot. Duck back under the balcony if you need to replenish. Taking out the pilot will most likely drop the chopper into the lake (sometimes it’ll explode when it hits the tree on the island) and the chopper will just float there and spin around until you finish it off with an RPG. Oh, and the door gunners will most likely survive.

You can also use your map to see cops across the lake and snipe them, or shoot some RPGs in their general direction and see if you get lucky. Every now and then a cop or SWAT car will make it down into the park across the pond – just take it out with the RPG.

Often, cops will approach from the other side of the restaurant, but just use your M-1 assault rifle and lock-on them to shoot through the restaurant and take them out once their close enough.

Standing on the edge of the dock near the lifesaver will give you a clear shot via RPG or sniper rifle to the brige, where lots of cops and cop cars tend to cluster. You’ll see heads and shoulders walking/running across through your sniper scope. Careful though with the RPG, make sure you have a clear shot and nothing to bounce the projectile back your way.

You can also climb up onto the roof if no choppers are around and lob grenades at the cops as the approach down the path from the bridge.

If you fall into the lake, no problem, just use the jump button to grab onto the dock and then haul yourself up – don’t try to use the ladder, it doesn’t work.

I’ve experienced lulls where no more choppers came, and the cops thinned out to only a handful milling about nowhere within shooting range. If this ever happens just get back in your car and mosy around the park, you’ll attract attention again very quickly.

If you die, it’ll either be because you blew yourself up with a rocket or grenade, or you let too many cops close in on you and weren’t able to replenish your health in time. Both options though can take a long time to happen – I think my longest run was about 45 minutes of just shooting cops, choppers, vehicles, random passerby, etc.

I hope you’re all having as much fun playing GTA 4 as I am!! If any of you have any cool scenarios of you’re own, please share!

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