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Me and the PS3

April 16th, 2008 · No Comments · Gaming

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I’ll be picking up a PS3 between now and the 29th, when GTA IV is scheduled to be released. While I’m not getting a PS3 solely for GTA IV, the release of the latest iteration of one of my favorite franchises is indeed a major motivating factor. If it were the only factor, then I would also have a Wii to play Zelda on (if I could find one anyways…).

Let’s be realistic here. Next-gen console graphics are just as good as what you can find on PCs these days, and they will be for probably the longest time ever in the history of consoles. Normally when new consoles come out they’re marginally comparable to PCs, and the PC simply powers ahead mere months later with new tech that leaves consoles in the dust. Thanks in large part to Microsoft shackling DirectX 10 to this generation’s version of WinME, and the OGL 3.0 spec still floating around in the aether, this is the closest PC graphics has come to stalling that I can ever remember – I know I’m by far not the only one holding on to XP and DX9 until my last dying breath. I’m gunna download my SP3 and stay happy.

But it’s not just the graphics anyways. Sony’s Cell processor certainly isn’t something to shake a stick at. The connectivity of the console is staggering with Wi-Fi, gigabit ethernet, bluetooth, USB, HDMI… the interoperability between devices is sweet. And you can actually hook up to something when you go online, not just another console but an entire service for updates, matchmaking, socializing and buying new content. Let’s also not forget that Blu-ray won the latest format war (go cry with Betamax, HD-DVD) and my family recently purchased a 42″ HDTV.

Let’s put it this way: Guitar Hero III was the first PC game I’ve ever bought that, after playing, made me wish I had a console to play it on instead. I can’t download any new content, the matchmaking is so basic it’s laughable, it won’t recognize a second guitar, only a keyboard for multiplayer, and it’s spec’d for hardcore rigs with no real options to downgrade the graphics to play on less powerful but still apt systems so I can’t play on my laptop.

It’s no wonder so many core PC developers are jumping ship over to console. In the past, console’s only major wins over the PC have been 1) ease of operation – you stick a game disk/cartridge in the slot, sit back and enjoy your game and 2) hooking up another controller or few and bam! instant multiplay – no fiddling with LAN settings and network cables. Nowadays you get those two strong points combined with all the best qualities of a PC and multimedia center.

In conclusion: I’m not buying a console. Consoles can only play games. I’m buying a little multimedia PC in a black box.


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