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Gillette’s “Are You the Next Phenom?”

April 15th, 2008 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I was cruising the interwebs, and as I was checking out the daily news brief over at I noticed an ad from Gillette for some contest where you could win $30K. Interesting. So I clicked through and listened to Tiger give the run down on the contest. Then I started looking through the videos people had submitted.

Some people tried showcasing their talent in a given sport like tennis, bowling and golf – but it’s pretty hard to draw any conclusions from such short clips. I mean, they look good but, how can you tell they’re phenomenal? That’s a pretty big word: Phenomenal. The bowler does show a complete scorecard of strikes though, that was pretty impressive (the weightlifting and Rocky stair climb was not). I suppose the golfer has a nice swing but you can’t tell at all how well he actually places a shot.

Other people went with more esoteric skills related to sports that required enough skill and talent to come close to the “phenomenal” mark, stuff like ball bouncing, both ping pongs and basketball, as well as trick shooting – that was all pretty damn impressive. Of course that’s all dependent on whether they’re looking for “cool” or “applicable”. Though I’m leaning more towards thinking “cool and unique”. I was hoping for some cool billiards trick shooting to come up next and when I saw this clip I was utterly and horribly disappointed on an unimaginable scale. Wow. Just… wow. Please please please tell me that’s actually harder than it looks. Please

Of course, there’s always the rather stupid and just downright strange videos that are bound to pop up in a contest like this.

All this was taken from viewing ~20 clips, I have no clue how many have been submitted so far. Obviously the first thing that went through my head is “oooh! what could I do??” But upon learning that they’re only interested in ball sports well… not so much. Although I fail to see how that front flip video made it up on the contest page, since it sounds like they’re screening uploads before making them live on the page. Weird.

Anyways that was a fun diversion I felt like sharing. I’ll probably poke around a bit more every now and then to entertain myself for a few minutes by watching people mostly makes fools of themselves and enjoying the clips that actually showcase something cool.


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