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April 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Forums Lost 🙁

So apparently my forums, which have been hosted by Invision Power Services since 2002, have finally gone offline. I haven’t been able to access them for a week now and the reason isn’t a time-out, but a “server not found”. Uh oh. In all fairness though, the IPB hosting was supposed to be $10/mo but for some reason after I signed up and paid the $20 setup fee I never got a bill. Ever. A few months ago I finally felt guilty and sent IPS an email about my account and how I’d never been billed and they never responded. Since then I’ve been thinking offhand about pulling at least a raw dump of the DB in case they should wise up and take my account offline, but part of me believed that was just paranoia. Well, I guess I shoulda listed to the paranoid side of me. I’m going to send them another email and see if I can’t appeal my case, that’s a ton of data I lost – including all my old journal entries prior to starting over here. I love saving stuff and those memories are lost for good if I don’t manage to recover my DB. Price I pay for a “free” service tho I guess…

Computer progress

So I’ve been slowly re-installing apps on the computer since my second reformat, everything seems to be working okay so far. However it appears that my computer is having a bit of an identity crisis. When I installed PowerDVD is said it detected that it was being installed on a laptop and offered me a Mobility Package. Then just now when I re-installed Set Point for my Logitech DiNovo keyboard/mouse the setup said it detected a touchpad on my system.

So apparently my desktop wants to think it’s a laptop.

Tax Season Forthcometh

I hate tax season. I have three main separate incomes (only two now this year) and only one of them is W2’d, which means I’ve withheld a decent chunk of change from the government – and they don’t like that the stingy bastards. Last year I scraped the top of maximum withholding before incurring a penalty, I’m sure to surpass it this year. Perhaps I should have fought my horrible procrastination harder and actually made use of the electronic tax payment I signed up for last August and filled out my quarterly taxes.

Tomorrow tho when I do my taxes I’m going to see how much I end up owing and then take it to a tax specialist for a consultancy. Perhaps I can get away by doing some quarterly returns or something. *sigh*

Digsby Switch

The Digsby experience is going well so far, I plan to write up my review on Friday. Lifehacker is doing their second Hive Five feature on IM apps, and Digsby seems to be getting a lot of support trailing only slightly (at rough estimate) behind Pidgin. I’ll find out tomorrow what the final 5 top IM apps are and by Friday I’ll have an idea where Digsby stands amongst them by popular vote.

IMO so far Digsby has been outstanding, clean and simple.

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