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November 23rd, 2007 · No Comments ·, Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Well, this coming Monday I will be departing north for Montreal to attend the Montreal International Games Summit. I just bought a digital voice recorder today so that I can tape sessions finally to improve my summaries and actually include more quotes in them too. My shorthand is only good for so much. I was hoping to pick up a Sony dvr with a memory stick so I could load sound recordings to my Sony laptop quick and easy since it has a built-in memory card reader but no luck – the model that comes with memory stick support is $185. Owch. I’ll stick with my $50 model with a USB cable thank you very much. Actually I bought a $40 one with no USB support, but I’d like to save my recordings so I’ll be getting the $50 one and returning the cheaper one. Anyways the conference looks to be rather informative, so I’ll be coming back with lots of cool session coverage.

Also, the MIGS press desk set me up with a tour of the brand new EIDOS studio that just opened this month. Supposedly it’s all cutting-edge and state of the art, so hopefully they won’t mind me taking lotsa pictures.

Oh and for some reason the article I published two days ago is failing to appear on the main page, so until it decides to show up, or Richard goes in and kicks it out, here’s the link – 10 Tips for Better Playtests

Ah yes, I also saw the Hitman movie Wed night when it came out. I was pleased. I’ve never played the game so I’m not a fanboy, but as a movie itself it was better than most in the assassin/action genre. The story was decent – the “love affair” between Agent 47 and the helpless whore slave was almost, almost overdone. They brought that to the edge of corny without tipping over. The depiction of Agent 47 as a character was great tho. Tim Olyphant had some great facial expressions, and the way he always walked around, arms straight at his sides and shoulders level, bespoke of his martial upbringing. I’d say go see it if you’re an action junkie.

K that’s all. Have a great weekend everyone.

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