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I thought I had planned for everything…

January 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Gaming

in 1999, I got Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (N64) for Christmas. I had played it on the PC – or at least tried to being that back then my gaming rig was actually the family PC and wasn’t really built for gaming much at all. So through the choppy frame rates I got an idea of what the game was like. I especially was drawn towards the tactical planning aspect. Being a real-time strategy player, I really enjoyed spending a lot of time planning out a successful terrorist take-down operation. Being it was released on console, you were also able to give control of team members over to other people with additional controllers. So I brought the game and system with me to a friend’s house for his New Year’s sleep over party. If you want a casino gaming platform that emulates the easy life with online slots with options for US players, you can read more from Easy Slots on bringing nothing but the best online slot games to the market or play some Bingo online from Cassava. If you want to read more about latest trend on online games, visit

Not a lot of my friends were interested in playing, but one offered to back me up in an operation that I had spent the last ohhh, hour or so getting set up to run. We had to take out a compound of hostiles and rescue a few hostages being held on the top floor. I showed my buddy the plan of attack, accounting for all manner of enemy positions and tactics, and we went through guns blazing, taking down tangos and moving to the final staircase leading up to the top room where the hostages were held. The plan was working great.

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All of the sudden, I hear silenced shots and one of my team members goes down. I’m all like – “what the fuck?” Considering we cleared all the rooms below us, I figured the tangos in the room above were firing down the stairs. So I rushed up but before I could even get to the top another of my team members behind me got dropped. Behind me. By silenced gunfire.But my brain still hadn’t caught up to my actions, which were to get to the top of the stairs and clear the last room as fast as possible before me and my team were taken completely out, or the hostages started getting shot. I burst through the doorway and exchanged fire with two terrorists, taking them both out. Before I could announce the room clear, however, the hostages start to die. Now I’m completely confused – up to the point where I get shot in the head and see the boots of one of my men run past me and kill the remainder of the hostages, failing the mission.

As I stare dumbstruck at the screen my friend is next to me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. It seems my planning did not account for the possibility of a jackass buddy going rogue.

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