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Easy money in Dragon Age: Origins

January 10th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Gaming

There’s a way to get as much money as you need in Dragon Age: Origins, through a gameplay glitch and not a cheat – which means you can do it on consoles as well as PC (note that this has only been tested on a console). You also need to have The Stone Prisoner DLC installed.

In the tavern in Redcliffe Village, when you talk to the wench Bella you can end up giving her proprietorship of the establishment. To thank you, she opens up the storeroom (the shop inventory) and lets you take all the items for free! (This isn’t the glitch, BTW) Naturally I grabbed everything and sold off the stuff I didn’t need. However, upon returning to Redcliffe Village later on in the game, I stopped by the tavern to talk to Bella and found I could still ask for supplies. Upon doing so I found that there were still crystals in the store inventory. (This is the glitch – I assume so at least since the store never re-stocks anything else) Generally there are 2-3 in both weapons and armor.

Initially all the crystals will be chipped, flawed or otherwise imperfect, but the more you come back the better they will get, until finally you’ll be seeing more clear crystals than any lesser rating. Not only will this let you build up an inventory of powerful crystals to use with the Golem Shale, but the clear crystals sell for anywhere from 50 Silver to over a Sovereign (Gold). Even better is that the tavern restocks every time you enter and leave! You don’t even need to leave the village itself.

It’ll take some time depending on how much money you need, but it’s decent-enough income (once you start getting mostly clear crystals) to make it worthwhile.

Edit 1/16 – I’ve advanced a bit further in the game and now you can get Flawless crystals which, of course, are worth even more

Edit 1/18 – Further progress in the game has yielded Brilliant crystals, all of which are worth 1-4 Sovereigns. Additionally, there’s a faster way to go about collecting them from the Tavern – after grabbing what’s in the stash from Bella, save the game and then reload that last save – the stash will be full again! This saves you the load time of having to exit the Tavern and re-enter again – for some reason for me loading Redcliffe Village on my PS3 takes upwards of 3 minutes and sometimes just hangs the game completely. Luckily this workaround solves that problem and is faster to boot.

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