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December 4th, 2009 · No Comments · Personal

So a few days ago I suddenly thought “Gee, what would I have been tweeting if I were like, 13 years old? Or younger?” Several amusing tweets immediately filled my head and I wanted to just dump them out to the world but a) I didn’t really want to unleash them all at once and b) I didn’t want to confuse people (too much) when I tweeted about sneaking downstairs to play StarCraft. So my solution is to get a new hashtag going around the topic, because not only do I want to share my childhood memories, but I want to hear ones from my friends and followers as well!

The one rule I’m personally going to follow is to tweet my memories as if they were actually happening. So I wouldn’t tweet “mom just tried to tickle me outta bed for school – dad had to drag me off my mattress, on the floor” in the evening, and I wouldn’t tweet “heading into the backyard to clip a new path through the woods” in the morning. The time of day that you tweet adds relevance to the memories. I would suggest everyone do this to make it more authentic like we’re really tweeting from all those years ago.

Furthermore, “childhood” is a rather relative term when speaking of the ages involved. Take it as far as you want in both directions. “I just popped out of Mom. Hi Dad!” is probably a bit too far back in time, but hey if that’s where you want to start, then so be it! I’ll probably cut mine off around 17-18 and start around 5-6.

Chronological order does not matter either. Tweet as if you were 13 one day, 7 the next, or bounce around a bit – it’s all about the memories that come back to you – generally they do so around the same time of day you would actually be doing whatever your memory is, which is why I like to stick to that rule – but again you don’t have to.

To keep it all clear, and so we can all see what naughty little brats we were, append (or prepend, whatever your preference) the #childhoodtweet hash to your memory. I tried to think up something shorter but really that does the best job – anything else would be too much of an “inside” hash whereas there’s a greater chance people will make a connection to what you are talking about using this term.

So have at it people!

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