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Bullrun Video: Day 3

July 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Personal

Here’s the final Bullrun video, day 3. Since the rally switchbacked towards the coast, we were much closer to home after the second day. Whether that was by design, since several other rally participants had to break off for NYC that day as well, I don’t know, but it was a great chance for us to have been able to stick around an extra day without significant cost (i.e. being stuck further west towards Austin by now). The launch was also one of, if not the, earliest starts of the rally, at 8am – which meant we were able to start with everyone else and still have plenty of time to make it home before Sasha had to be at work.

I didn’t cut much from the tapes from this day other than long-winded cockpit conversation between Sasha and myself. A few things had to be dropped because there wasn’t enough supporting footage – at two points you’ll hear us talking about Rob’s oil problem and me saying he doesn’t want his engine to explode – this was in reference to a cut clip where at the gas station he had to get more oil for his engine before we could roll out.

Sasha and I definitely want to try and do the whole rally next year, it will depend on whether we can wrestle up enough money in sponsorships to allow us to race. If we make it I have a much better idea of what we’ll need in documenting our travels. For example I wish I could time stamp all the various cuts in the videos to give a better sense of progression throughout a day. I’ll also plan to have Sasha drive the majority of the time so I can document and twitter and stuff from the passenger seat. Of the two of us he’s the better and more experienced driver anyways, so it makes sense. Plus I’ll be able to properly navigate with both a GPS, my phone and a good ol’ road atlas, the vital tool we were missing that caused us to get lost on Day 2. Apparently all the Bullrunners got one at the start of the race but since we were never officially part of it… yea.

It was as awesome an experience as I imagined it would be, can’t wait for the 2010 rally to roll around. Where will we be going? It’s anyone’s guess, but a trip up or down the East Coast would be awesome.

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