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The first ever Drive To Nowhere

April 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Personal

First of all, I would like to present an actual photo of the new new hotness for your viewing pleasure. Click the image to jump to the Facebook photo album. More information on the car (and my past cars as well) can be found on my CarDomain page. I must say however that I don’t like the photo at all. It was taken at the right time of the day, and the sun was even diffusing nicely through some thin clouds – but I made the mistake of parking it under the tree so all the branches in the reflection really break up some of the car’s more subtle lines. Monday I’m going to park it on the lawn and take some new photos. There will be nothing but blue sky above and they should look a lot better. This is why I only have two exterior pics up out of the dozens more I took. So stay tuned.

The Drive to Nowhere (D2N)*

Tomorrow I will be embarking for a drive with my buddy Sasha riding shotgun. The plan is simple – drive towards north-western Jersey and see if we can’t find any cool mountain roads and vistas along the way. There will be no usage of maps allowed – we will simply pick roads that look cool and seem to head in the direction that we want. I’ll have my GPS along with me so that when we’re ready to head home we can do that without getting lost – because hopefully by the end of the day we will be lost. Who knows what will happen? Well that’s the cool part.

Even cooler is the fact that I downloaded a GPS tracking app to my Nokia phone, and it will be active the entire trip. That means at the end of the day I’ll have something about 10x as awesome as the image you see above – which you can click on to learn more about. I did that tonight to test out the app, which is called GPSed, to make sure it was exactly what I imagined it would be before using it tomorrow. Well I am very pleased and best of all? It was free!!

You can also add pictures to your track, but only via Picasa or flickr. I still haven’t signed up for either service – I’ve been waiting for one to punch the other out really. I do plan to take pictures with my phone, and those images will also have GPS data recorded, and I will be attaching them to the track – so I have until tomorrow night to decide which service to use. Picasa or flickr? flickr or Picasa? If anyone has opinions either way let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow night I will post the results of the first ever D2N! Stay tuned…

*technically this isn’t my first time going out and getting lost – I’ve done it before sometimes coming home from friends houses that are relatively far away and take me through areas I’m not familiar with. However this will be the first time I do something on this scale

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