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Red Bull Air Racing in Home

January 10th, 2009 · No Comments · Gaming

Logged into Home today to check out the new content, namely the Red Bull island that let you pilot three different-skinned Extra 300 aircraft around a race course, just like they do in real life. The controls are basic and the flight model is arcady, but it’s not supposed to be a flight sim. There’s not a lot of explanaition for the game, but it doesn’t take long to figure out how to play. Pretty soon I was racking up times around 55 seconds. However the problem is that for some reason there is no system in place to store scores online. Which means no official recordings. Which means no one is going to believe anything you say. Yea, this is pretty stupid >:(

I posted up an image of my second-best time taken with my camera phone and one of the people next to me said it could have been photoshopped, and that the time doesn’t appear directly over the plane for them. They were willing to “give me the benefit of the doubt” but of course they wouldn’t take the photo as proof. So I pulled out the videocamera and recorded myself and actually brought in my fastest time the first try – 0:54:64. I thought for sure that would be up near the top of the heap. Turns out though I’m only in 25th place overall by the current standings, and although I though I raced a nice line through the course, this guy did it in 0:48:84 and didn’t edge around pylons as much as I did.

Anyways, they game is fun and addictive – I hope they change up the course or at least provide new ones. My video is embedded below, though I would suggest clicking through for a slightly larger version.

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