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Guess it’s a good thing I slept 12 hours today

October 14th, 2007 · No Comments · Personal

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

So I’m finally back from IGC after spending an extra day in Eugene thanks to a canceled flight, but that worked out because I was able to attend the TGB boot camp instead of being stuck twiddling my thumbs and toes all day. I had a great time and accomplished many things for GDnet, Blade Edge and Game Institute. Yep, the trifecta. The best part was getting to hang out the in the GG offices. No one gave me weird stares or ever asked me what the hell I was doing there. Although I know a lot of the GG employees I don’t know them all, and it’s nice how they could stand having a total stranger sacked out on their couch plugged into their wifi and blogging on his laptop. You guys rock (GG), thanks a lot for the hospitality, and those two muffins I snatched. They were yummy. Expect my full coverage sometime this week. I know the schedule says Wednesday but I’m hoping to include video coverage like in my Demo Night articles, so it may take a bit longer to get the recorded material online for embedding.

So yea I was talking to Ben Garney from GG and he’s interested in hopefully doing some Torque-related articles to publish on GDnet. I know we don’t have a huge Torque community around here, and to be honest such articles would probably find a better home on the Torque Developer Network, but I’m interested to see what he’s proposing. I followed up some other leads pertaining to GDnet but they’re still hush-hush, sorry.

I’ve come up with some great ideas on how to make Galaxy Conquest a lot more accessible to players who need to learn how to play the game, and now I have to implement them over the course of this week. That means getting back into TGB development, but luckily the boot camp refreshed me rather well so I’m all set to get started – I just wish I had time tonight to do it!!

Lessee Game Institute… talked to two of GG’s educational outreach people in regards to working with GG more closely in the future. Nothing more than talk right now but we’ll see if anything comes from it. Obviously we’re not looking to step all over Torque School so it’s not going to be an arrangement like that. Oh yea, and I also have to judge GI’s third student game programming contest this week. Luckily there are only like 6 games to go through, otherwise I might be in serious trouble rather than just be in trouble.

I haven’t even started on my GDnet task list for this month either. Blagh. I can push some stuff aside this week but not all of it, as there are a few things I really should have gotten to last month, like redesigning and updating the About Us page and the Write For Us page. This will truly be a week where my prioritizing skills come into action.

Oh and I probably won’t be sleeping much, hence the entry title – at least I got a good head start!

Even worse is the fact that I bought World in Conflict on Sunday and I’m dying to play it and I probably won’t have any time this week to do it. Torture I tell you! Speaking of games though, I found this cool game concept on Gizmodo. Reminded me also of another unique game that was reported on by bitTech. Crazy cool ideas out there and if you want more, be sure to check out the IGF entrants as well!

Heh, funny – my mom came into my room a few minutes ago because I had left my door open to keep the air circulating since it’s too cold out to keep my windows open now…

Mom (conversationally) – “you’re awake?” (it’s not an uncommon thing, she knows)
Me – “yep”
Mom – “did you let the dogs out?”
Me – “uh, no”
*Mom shrugs and walks out of the room
Me (calling after her) “Hey! I’m trying to get to bed! I don’t want to be awake!”

Story of my life. This week should be fun Well, better go take a nap I suppose….

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