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Long day at the Garage

October 9th, 2007 · No Comments ·, Production

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

I was going to make this a decently detailed entry, but it’s gotten too late for something like that. Also, the internet here at my friends house isn’t too good on the upload for some reason and so I can’t get any pictures online anyways. I’m going to try tomorrow – hopefully they will have internet at the conference locale.

Long story short: I woke up at 4am EDT to catch my flight out to Eugene, OR. Roughly six hours later I was in SF for my lay-over which was extended almost an extra hour. After a delayed departure and arriving in Eugene at 2pm PDT (5pm EDT) I went straight to GarageGame’s main offices for Associates Day. I’m not an Associate, but I am a press member and a friend of GG in general so that gets me access. I sat through a lecture about IAC’s aquisition of GG and what that really means, a first-ever look at InstantAction, GG’s new distribution platform, and then mingled and snacked and checked out the Garage offices. Then we all hiked over to a nearby bar lounge GG had rented out and chilled. Open bar lasted allll night, and they had a pool table I partook in. Jeff Tunnell, Josh Williams, Eric Fritz, Matt Langley, Justin Dujardin, Sean Williams, Steve Zepp, Josh Dallman, Tom Buscaglia (JR and SR), James Wiley, Josiah Pisciotta, Justin Mette… it was great to see all those guys and more people I hadn’t even really met yet. I showed off Galaxy Conquest and Blitz Blox to Josiah and Matt and they both had nothing but good things to say about both games. I’m hoping to pitch them to Josh Williams (GG CEO) tomorrow as well as I think they would make great additions to the new InstantAction platform. Josh came up to me earlier today to ask me about my thoughts on the IA platform and I told him I was psyched about it and had some games I thought would fit well.

I’ll speak more about InstantAction in my full coverage article. For now this is all I have to say as it’s now 2am PDT (5am EDT) which means I’ve been up for roughly 24 hours (I took naps of undetermined length on the plane out to Cali, no more than 2-3 hours total though). I now have 5 hours of sleep before getting up to be at the conference location at 8:30am.

Really wouldn’t have it any other way though

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