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End of an Era?

March 8th, 2007 · No Comments ·

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Holy crap is the conference kicking my butt this year. Usually I’m like, the Master of GDC and I’m posting mad crazy event coverage every single day. Well, not this year it seems. I mean, here I was in the hotel room tonight propped up in bed trying to handle a reset password support email. First of all I have to re-check the email three times to remember what I was about to do, because I go to do it and sorta space out for a min or two. And then all of the sudden I wake up and Rafael Baptista is just getting back into the room we’re sharing. When the hell did I even fall asleep?!?

Yea so this is pretty much all I’m doing tonight. I dunno, I guess I really am a lot busier this year than ever before. I never really realized it but, I just never get a chance (or, more accurately, never want to take the chance) to just sit down and relax because I know that instead I could be up and about meeting people and reforging relationships with people I only see this time of year. On the upside though I feel like I’ve really reconnected with a lot of my old contacts, which is what I want in order to move GDNet forward. I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends about writing for the site, and a lot of people are interested.

Geez I just started nodding off again, holy crap this is insane. I suppose I’ve also done a lot more walking, since it’s about 5-6 blocks to the convention center, and today alone I had to travel between Moscone North and West 3 times, not to mention going up and down Moscone West since the lectures are all on the third floor and the Expo is on the first. Then of course there was walking around the Expo, standing around at a press meeting with AMD, hanging at the GarageGames booth (also standing, leaning wherever possible).

Crazy. I dunno, but I’m definetly going to not be posting up anything major until next Monday. It’s unfortunate and it pains me deep inside but, there it is. I could stash myself away in the press room half the day and write reports, but then I’d never see anyone, like Mark Morris (Introversion) and I had a good talk this afternoon out at one of the tables in the concourse. I’m all about meeting people and getting them to write stuff and add value to GDNet, so it’s not like I’m doing it for myself here. Could the era of daily reporting be over for me? Quite possibly.

However as I said, it’s still for the better. I met a lot of new people today and strengthened my relationship with many others as well. This could be said of the past week too. All of this I’m doing my best to leverage back into GDNet, letting everyone know that we’re hopping back on the bike and pedaling like mofos. Hopefully we’ll have some exciting developments to reveal soon.

But anyways, like I said today was a long day again. Three sessions in the morning: Chris Taylor’s Supreme Commander, Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express and Introversion’s 1yr after IGF assessment; Then the IGDA Annual Meeting, hanging out in Expo North to get some more IGF booth shots, and Expo West for a press meeting and talking to the fine folk over at GarageGames (I’m getting a new hat – yeys!). Finally the Thomson/Course author appreciation reception and suite night at the W hotel. Suite night, I should mention real quick, wasn’t that bad this year compared to last. I’ll post a full report when I’m not about to pass out and drool all over myself.

Speaking of passing out, that sounds like a good plan…

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