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It had to happen sometime…

December 30th, 2008 · No Comments · Gaming

So Xmas Eve I logged into Playstation Home because it had been updated to v1.5, which restored voice chat (thankfully only to private areas like clubs and personal spaces). I had forgotten to bring down my bluetooth keyboard that I use for my computer, so I found a nice quiet spot in the Central Plaza, a sunken circular area that was kinda like a meditiation circle, and sat down in the middle. You sit cross-legged when you choose to sit on the ground, so I thought it was kinda cool, sitting there in the middle of the sunken circle patio looking all tranquil-like. I then got up to go fetch my keyboard.

Sitting down was a mistake.

I was gone for like, two minutes and I return to find a guy humping my face.

Refusing to give in to this childish behavior, I remain seated as I connect my keyboard to the PS3 and proceed to type “gee, thanks asshole” which of course pops up on the screen as “gee, thanks ***hole”. But I’m sure he got the idea. Of course such action on my part has no effect, because we do exist in a virtual environment and I can’t physically strangle the life out of him as I would like to had he been standing before me humping my face for real (and I would have, lest there be any doubt). Apparently my defiance was noted by other rapists in the vicinity as they soon congregated and proceeded to run a mean train… on my face.

So okay one guy is humping my brain, another is humping my face and the third is humping the guy humping my face who’s actually also humping the guy humping my brain.

What’s totally ironic about this is the dance move that’s used to create this humping motion is called “Rave” in the menu of dance moves. Apparently it’s just a typo on Sony’s part.

And I’m seriously not surprised, as this has been a well-documented case in Home, as evidenced by the YouTube video I linked to (from the closed beta, no less) and the always spot-on Penny Arcade comic strip.

Just thought I’d share my own experience. I feel so bad for female avatars, even if most of them actually are men.

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