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Crap it’s almost three o’ clock again

March 7th, 2007 · No Comments ·

Transposed from Gaiiden’s Scroll

Damn what a busy day. Lets run through it shall we?

So I attended the Game Publishers Rant at 9 this morning after waking up at just after 8am. Great session, great rants – including another awesome quick break in rant by Chris Hecker. I’ll preview his rant here with this quote: “the wii’s a peice of shit”. Yea, Nintendo got bashed pretty damn hard by publishers and developers alike. Full coverage forthcoming.

Next was off to Moscone North (all my sessions today were in West) to take as many booth photos I could at the IGF pavilion. I managed to get 7 teams photographed, so I should be able to get em all by the end of the week. This is when I ran into Dave Perry.

Came back over to West, checked up on Lissa at the kiosk and then headed up to the Business keynote, but got there and the room was already at capacity. However I ran into my friend Nick Smolney later on and he said to check out So instead I camped out in the concourse to check email and whatnot and flagged down Eric Lamendola from Slingo for a chat.

Little while later (bout 12:30) I real quick went down to the main Expo Hall in West to check out the Garage Games booth. Ran into Josh Williams as I was leaving, good to see him once again.

Next I had to head over to the Argent hotel about 2 blocks away for the annual IGDA VIP Luncheon. Bunch of people there of course, most notably Jay Moore because I hadn’t seen him yet. Got to chat a bit with him about his new venture, The Strategery Group before sitting down to a bountiful lunch (of which I only had one serving and no dessert – why???). Full report here coming soon too.

Then I had to hoof it back over to West to catch the LIVE Arcade game submission guidelines session, which was very informative. Anyone looking to submit a proposal to LIVE Arcade will do well to read my coverage of the session when I post it up tomorrow (hopefully) because these are all insider tips from one of the founding LIVE Arcade team members.

I was at the Press Room afterwards (around 4) uploading images and about to post a journal update when I got called away to a business meeting for GDNet. After that there wasn’t much time other than to confirm the staff dinner for tonight and head over to Moscone South for the IGF and GDCAs. Did the usual pre-show schmoozing, went around taking pictures of the finalists at their tables and the presenters up milling around. Ran into Mark Morris and Tom Arundel from Introversion as they were going to be handing out this year’s Seamus McNally awards. The boys were decked out for their presentation of the awards. I also got to meet Tom’s sister Vicky (who was bringing out the awards and escorting recipients off the stage during the IGF Awards). She was very sweet and I got another metal Introversion card to add to my collection 😛 I showed em Dave Perry’s card and they all laughed at the trend they may have started – tho they did comment on the fact that Dave’s card was flimsier than theirs. I also got to say hi to Mark DeLoura, who’s over at UbiSoft now – he was at Sony when I talked to him last year.

After the awards ceremony (of which I ended up with 237 pictures!!) it was off to dinner with the rest of the GDNet crew at the Cheesecake Factory atop the Macy’s building in Union Square. All I have to say is, poor Michalson. He called Lissa fat. Well okay, he implied Lissa was fat – and he couldn’t shut up about not actually saying Lissa was fat – like it makes a difference when you’re dealing with women . Good times tho – I’ve never seen Lissa laugh so hard at watching Michalson attempt to redeem himself, I swear if Richard had poked her she would have peed herself.

Crap okay it’s finally three am, and I need some sleep – I was nodding off towards the end of dinner. At least I managed to get the IGF and GDCA review and results posted, I’ll get the pictures up as soon as possible. You know like – whenever I have free time.


P.S. – is Ravuya like, boycotting my journal or something? 😛

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