Craft Information - Telemetry Lost

Lupek is a rover that will someday be deployed to Mun. It is the KSA's first rover and the team developing it has worked up some automated driving software to allow it to drive itself around. The software has already managed to get Lupek over 450km in previous drives, and now the team has turned the rover loose across Kerbin with a full suite of instruments and sensors as it will be equipped when roving around Mun. Previously the rover traveled with a pace vehicle alongside for fast code patches and better monitoring, but now the rover is completely on its own.

We have currently lost all signal from Lupek. Although disappointing, we're not really alarmed as last data showed that the rover was operating within normal parameters. The failure is most likely a hardware issue that caused the rover to lose power. We have a recovery team enroute to pick Lupek up and get it back to KSC for analysis. Despite coming up only 8.3km short of the end of the drive, rover team is overall happy with Lupek's performance today.

Launched: 11/4/14 @ 12:39:00 UTC
Avg Velocity: N/A
Avg Altitude: N/A
Last Waypoint: W6
Next Waypoint: N/A
Estimated Arrival: N/A
Total Distance Traveled: 163km
Crew: None
Resources: No Data
Last Update: 11/4/14 @ 20:31 UTC
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